Psy.D. Program Graduate Profiles: Joanna Ceppi

Joanna Ceppi

Psy.D. The Wright Institute, (Dissertation Title: Attitudes of Patients and Staff Toward Treating Tobacco Dependence in Substance Abuse Treatment at the San Francisco Veterans Administration Medical Center)
B.A. Psychology, Oregon State University

Joanna was born and raised in Los Angeles. Her father is a physical therapist, and her mother is an occupational therapist. She enjoys yoga and shopping in her free time. Her career goal is to work with dually diagnosed adults.

The APA Internship:
Joanna completed her APA internship at the Didi Hirsch Community Mental Health Center in Los Angeles where she worked with chronically and severely mentally ill outpatient adults, provided individual and group therapy as well as crisis treatment, and performed personality and neuropsychological assessments.

I loved my internship. It gave me the opportunity to do everything I was trained to do in the four previous years at the Wright,” says Joanna. “The agency treated me like a staff member, and expected me to perform at the same level as seasoned clinicians, yet acknowledged that it was a training experience. The agency was very supportive, and multidisciplinary, and gave me access to everyone: psychologists, social workers, and psychiatrists. Everyone in the internship site was considered equal, and there was no unspoken hierarchy. I figured out that I definitely want to be a psychologist, and I am prepared to do it, even though there’s much more to learn.

About the Wright:
The Director of Admissions is terrific. She plays a huge part in helping you to select the Wright, remembers everyone’s name, and always leaves her door open. The Registrar helps with transcripts, and provides crucial support for APA applications and the dissertation process.

The Wright offers a community environment. It’s more personal, warm and friendly than other sterile professional school environments. I had a great class – and made some of my best friends at the Institute. Some students are intensely focused on scholarly work, others on clinical work - everyone brings their interests into the classroom.