Why You Should Try Therapy Yesterday

In this excellent TED Talk, Wright Institute Clinical Psychology alumni Emily Anhalt, PsyD, shares why everyone should give therapy a try. "I learned how powerful it is to have a trained, objective person to help you understand the most beautifully complicated thing there is - your own mind."

Dr. Anhalt, who spoke at a TEDx Event in Boulder, Colorado, is a Clinical Psychologist and the CoFounder and Chief Clinical Officer of Coa, a mental fitness community with studios opening across the country. She has spent the past decade working clinically with top tech leaders and organizations and has spoken around the world to destigmatize quality emotional fitness and mental healthcare. "It's not that therapy will make you happy, it's that it will drastically increase the depth and authenticity of your happiness, honor the cathartic beauty of your sadness, and make the profoundly necessary space for every feeling that lives in between," she says in the talk.

"In therapy, you have the permission and support to feel the full range of human emotion."

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