Clinical Program Faculty

Lauren A. Shapiro, PhD
Full-Time Institute Faculty

BA Psychology, University of California, Berkeley, 2005
MS Developmental Psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2009
PhD Developmental Psychology, University of California, Santa Cruz, 2013

Dr. Shapiro is a developmental psychologist whose research broadly addresses three major areas: 1) Humor and coping, 2) Metaphor and mindset, and 3) The role of narrative in romantic relationship dynamics and identity development. In particular, she examines how stories shared through the media and conversation shape possible selves, encourage resilience, and inform perspective taking-across the lifespan.

In the past, Dr. Shapiro has explored these topics by analyzing how friends use conversations to collectively cope with embarrassment, how humor and stories shared in conversation facilitate late adolescent identity development, and how emerging adults draw upon lessons learned from love stories when navigating intimacy. Currently, she is launching a qualitative study investigating how therapists use humor as a clinical tool with their borderline clients.

She teaches the first-year research methods sequence, Prospectus Development, Humor in Psychotherapy, and Lifespan Development.