Psy.D. Program Graduate Profiles: Timothy Tisdell

Timothy Tisdell

Psy.D. The Wright Institute, (Dissertation Title: Harry Potter and the World of Internal Objects: An Object Relations Analysis)
M.S. Clinical Psychology, San Francisco State University
B.A. Psychology, University of Texas (Austin)

Timothy was born and raised in Sherman, Texas, the youngest of five children. Timothy's father was a pediatrician and his mother was a stay at home mom. Timothy loves film, reading, and European and tropical travel.

Timothy provides individual and group therapy as a staff therapist and mental health consultant for Ann Martin Children's Center in Piedmont, CA. He primarily provides these services at Lakeview Elementary School in Oakland.

He points out that

the Wright gave me a strong core in psychoanalytic theory and overall breadth of training in diagnosis and treatment modalities. I gained a much greater depth of understanding about intrapsychic phenomena and how cultural issues impact behavior. I also gained knowledge about how genetic and biological factors influence people. I entered with a master's degree, but the Wright was where I developed confidence in my competence as a professional. When I compare my training to people from other psychology programs, I feel very proud and accomplished. Timothy is licensed and has a private practice in Oakland.

APA Internship:
At Richmond Area Multi-Services (RAMS), a national Asian American training institute, Timothy provided individual psychotherapy to adults and children, and completed full psychological batteries. He also completed a rotation at Washington High School (San Francisco) where he offered psychotherapy to adolescents. In his rotation at Bridge to Wellness (San Francisco), Timothy provided individual and group psychotherapy to adults with chronic mental disorders.

The clinical work and supervision were excellent and gave me a wide variety of experiences in treatment and testing. I now have a solid basis for providing treatment to adults. RAMS offered a warm, empathic approach; they truly believe that people can change, regardless of the severity of their diagnoses. It was also incredibly helpful to work with an Asian immigrant population to develop more cultural competency in terms of family dynamics, and establishing relationships and rapport.

About the Wright:

The Wright Case Conference was the best. I had an exceptionally brilliant teacher who really believed in me, and was gifted in making complicated concepts understandable to a new clinician. I had a great, great child theory professor who had extensive experience in the field, was approachable and enthusiastic about this very difficult work, and helped us to find resiliency in ourselves that would sustain us.

The Wright is the Bay Area's best doctoral level program in which to train; it's unparalleled in providing students with a solid base in psychoanalytic theory. People are impressed when you say you're from the Wright and it definitely opens doors for interviews. Wright students get accepted into the best practicum and internship programs.