Anka Behavioral Health Homeless Multi-Service Centers

Anka Behavioral Health Homeless Multi-Service Centers

The Wright Institute collaborates with Anka Behavioral Health, Inc. (Anka) to provide services to homeless adults in three Contra Costa County locations. Anka employs more than 1,000 people and serves more than 16,000 clients annually in dozens of program sites throughout California and Delaware. Anka specializes in working with people with complex needs to treat the whole person, working to provide vulnerable populations with services tailored to assist in regaining self-sufficiency and achieving recovery and health. Through participation with the Chronic Homeless Initiative and other funding opportunities, Anka has developed a variety of programs, ranging from outreach to housing, to assist people transitioning out of homelessness. Using a "housing first" approach, consumers are able to receive housing as they begin to address the medical, mental health, and substance abuse problems that contributed to their homelessness.

Clients face many challenges, including trauma, abuse, drug addiction, violence, oppression, poverty, and physical and mental illness. Wright Institute graduate student clinicians work in a multidisciplinary team including colleagues from diverse professional backgrounds, including paraprofessionals, case managers, clinical supervisors, program administrators, and clinical trainees from practicum through pre-doctoral internships. Student clinicians provide individual and group psychotherapy, as well as crisis intervention and support for clients.


Services are provided without cost to clients.

Clinic Staff

Crystal A. Johnson, Ph.D.
Group Supervisor


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