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Get to know Ritchie Rubio, Ph.D. - Full-Time Faculty, Counseling Psychology Program

You may know Dr. Rubio from his Research Based Practice course, and he may have guided you in a sandtray therapy exercise, but we guarantee there’s plenty you don’t know about how he got to where he is today! Dr. Rubio speaks about his experience providing therapy in the Philippines and New Zealand, and what it was like to be a stay-at-home father immediately after completing his graduate degree.

Get to know Taquelia Washington, LCSW - Core Faculty, Counseling Psychology Program

Taquelia Washington, LCSW is one of the newest additions to our Core Faculty, and we’re thrilled with the expertise that she brings to the team! You may know about her passion for community mental health, but do you know why she loves teaching at the Wright Institute?

Get to know Mary Clarke, PhD - Full-Time Faculty, Counseling Psychology Program

Dr. Clarke has been a valued member of the faculty at the Wright Institute since 2015. Students love her easy-going demeanor and her depth of knowledge around trauma and professional ethics.

Researchers and Mental Health Professionals Meet to Discuss Youth and Adolescents in the San Francisco Bay Area

Dr. Ritchie Rubio, full time faculty member for the Counseling Psychology Program at the Wright Institute, will be presenting his work on data reflection in the Child, Youth, and Families system of care of San Francisco.

Wright Institute Professor’s Book Highlights Horrors of, Alternatives to Solitary Confinement

Wright Institute Professor Emeritus Terry Kupers M.D. recently published “The Inside Story of Supermax Isolation and How We Can Abolish It.”

Get to know Ulash Thakore-Dunlap, MS, LMFT - Full-Time Faculty, Counseling Psychology Program

Ulash Thakore-Dunlap, MS, LMFT has been with the Wright Institute for four years. Students value the real-life examples she brings to her classes from her ongoing work as an advocate and clinician. Read on to find out more about what drives Ulash’s passion, and what it means to “give psychology away.”

Get to know Nancy Ulmer, LCSW - Core Faculty, Counseling Psychology Program

Nancy has taught in the Counseling Psychology Program since its inception and is our longest-standing faculty member! Read on to learn more about how Nancy discovered the Wright Institute and how she spends her time when she’s not helping guide students along their professional paths.

Get to know Stuart Lee, LMFT - Field Placement Director, Counseling Psychology Program

Students describe Stuart Lee, LMFT as a battery recharger: In his meetings, he offers stabilizing energy and then lifts students up to meet the next challenge. You may think you know him, but can you guess what celebrity he idolized as a kid or what sport he most loves to watch? Read on to find out!

WI Student Presents at IARR Conference

WI Student Presents at IARR Conference

First-year Clinical student, Anthony Lucas will be presenting a paper with Dr. Lauren Shapiro at this year's International Association for Relationship Research conference in June. The paper explores the inter- and intra-personal dynamics involved in the decision to marry. Thematic analysis was conducted on semi-structured interviews with 48 newlyweds.

Major themes included: The collaborative nature of envisioning and constructing a shared future, the role of social pressure and support- in the form of cultural scripts and family prodding-and the conceptualization of marriage as a vehicle for expressing love and commitment to one's partner as well as communicating a shift in relationship status to the community.

WI Student Presents at NCORE

WI Student Presents at NCORE

Munn Saechao was invited to present at the National Conference on Race and Ethnicity (NCORE) on May 30th in Forthworth, TX. Munn will co-facilitate a training on the topic: Affirming our Asian American cultural identities in the context of current political times (Individually yet collectively, individualized yet unified while having our needs met on college and university campuses). Munn will utilize her dissertation and her experience as a social worker to discuss the development of culturally sensitive programs for underrepresented Southeast Asian students on university campuses.

Munn was also invited to present her dissertation at the Sacramento Valley Psychological Association (SVPA) student research conference on May 13th in Sacramento, CA. Her dissertation is titled: Three to Four Decades Later: Examining Stressors And Resiliency Factors For Elderly Iu-Mien Refugees.