The program includes a total of 60 credit units. Tuition for 2023-2024 is $1,225 per unit. At the current unit rate the program cost is $73,500, subject to change at the start of each academic year.

Semester tuition totals vary according to the number of classes in which you are enrolled. To calculate tuition for a given semester for planning purposes, multiply the per-unit cost by the number of units in which you will be enrolled. You may refer to the academic calendars to determine your expected course load for each semester. Please note that tuition amounts are subject to change. Estimated tuition costs per year are as follows:

Completing the program in 2 years, as designed Fall Spring Summer Full Year
Year 1 $11,025 $12,862.50 $12,862.50 $36,750
Year 2, Full Time $12,862.50 $12,862.50 $11,025 $36,750
Total $73,500


Completing the program in 3 years, deferring practicum Fall Spring Summer Full Year
Year 1 $11,025 $12,862.50 $12,862.50 $36,750
Year 2, Deferred Practicum** $9,187.50 $9,187.50 $7,350 $25,725
Year 3, Deferred Practicum** $3,675 $3,675 $3,675 $11,025
Total $73,500

**Ideally, students will complete the program in two years as designed. However, in certain situations students may request to defer their clinical experience (aka practicum) to a third year if necessary. Please note that students who defer practicum will not be eligible for federal student loans in their third year if they are enrolled in practicum only.

Tuition is due on the following dates:

  • Fall semester - August 7, 2023
  • Spring semester - December 11, 2023
  • Summer semester - April 8, 2024

Please visit the financial aid page for information about the Wright Institute scholarship and federal and private student loan options.