The Wright Institute Mission

The mission of the Wright Institute is to educate psychologists to practice at the highest level of professional competence; analyze and evaluate research, theory, and practice; and make appropriate life-long use of the evolving body of psychological knowledge.

  • The Institute prepares psychologists to seek continually to deepen their knowledge of the influences of the social and cultural context of their work, to observe the highest ethical standards, and to understand the importance of self-awareness to effective professional practice.
  • The Institute focuses on teaching and mentoring and on creating an environment, which is intellectually challenging, respectful, supportive, and inclusive.
  • In the tradition of its founder, Nevitt Sanford, the Institute is committed to educating clinicians to society – psychologists who can serve the public, meet community needs with a rich understanding of the impact of individual differences on the practice of their profession, and who can function effectively in a diverse society.
  • In its teaching and mentoring efforts, the Institute values the free exchange of ideas and scholarship directed toward preparing our students to meet the challenges of the increasingly complex professional responsibilities of a psychologist.