Dean Gilbert Newman active in supporting Public Service Loan Forgiveness program

Dr. Gilbert Newman, Dean and Director of Clinical Training, held a meet and greet at his home for Congressman Mark DeSaulnier (D-11th-CA). The event was arranged as an opportunity to discuss the importance of preserving the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program. The Congressman is on a key committee responsible for the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act, through which PSLF is funded. Several Wright Institute Clinical program graduates contributed personal stories demonstrating the PSLF’s impact on people receiving services from clinicians enrolled in the program.

The Congressman spent considerable time at the event, answering questions and sharing his views about the divisiveness in Congress, his prescriptions for ways to focus moving ahead, and his concerns about education and other important issues. The participants were all impressed by how well read, informed and personal he was in his comments.

Alix Ginsberg, Legislative & Federal Affairs Officer, Office of Education Government Relations, Education Directorate, American Psychological Association also attended the fundraiser.

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