Wright Institute Participates in Annual California Psychological Association Convention

Several Wright Institute faculty members and students participated in the California Psychological Association Annual Convention, April 10-13, 2014 in Monterey, CA. This year's theme was: Innovative and Inspiring Practices in Psychology.

Dr. Gilbert Newman, Dean, presented on "Integrating Psychologists into Healthcare Settings in Your Backyard: Lessons and Visions from Thought Leaders in California." Other participants on this topic included: Christine Nicole Runyan, PhD, ABPP, Dept. of Family Medicine and Community Health, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worchester, MA; Michael G. Ritz, PhD, clinical psychologist, Irvine, CA; Lori A. Futterman, RN, PhD, psychologist/clinical researcher, San Diego, CA; and Susan McDaniel, PhD, Director, Institute for the Family, Dept. of Psychiatry, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY.

Dr. Anatasia Kim and Dr. Tracy Smith gave a presentation on: "I Want to Help: How Do I Find the Time? Jorge Wong, Ph.D., Director of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs/Director of Behavioral Health Services, Quality Improvement & Compliance, Asian Americans for Community Involvement, was also part of this presentation.

Dr. Kim and Dr. Alicia del Prado gave a presentation on "Can We Talk? Urgent Mandates for Culturally Competent California Psychologists." In addition, Dr. Kim introduced Dr. Le Ondra Clark Harvey, the legislative guest at the CPA Political Action Committee reception dinner. Dr. Harvey is a policy consultant at the California State Legislature.

The following posters were presented by Wright Institute students, with Dr. Kim in the first two:

  • "Pipeline to Advanced Degrees in Psychology for Underrepresented Students: Innovative Practices in Outreach." Authors: Munn Saechao, Sherri Taylor.
  • "Experiences of Students and Graduates of Color in a Predominantly White Doctoral Program in Psychology." Authors: Sherri Taylor, Bobby Nguyen, Eliseo Artiga.
  • "Student Awareness, Membership, and Participation in CPAGS: What Are the Motives and Barriers?" Authors: Meiyang Liu, Zoe Barnow, Tracey Wheeler (Pepperdine).

Attending the CPA Political Action Committee Reception Dinner (left to right): Dr. Gilbert Newman, Eric Samuels, Karisa Barrow, Tracy Smith, Munn Saechao, Sherri Taylor, Charlie Ward, Anne Seiler, Grace Kiriacos, David Perlman, Eliseo Artiga, Dr. Alicia del Prado, Bobby Nguyen, Dr. Anatasia Kim, and Dr. Rob Perl.