September/October California Psychologist features guest column by Dr. Howard Friedman on "The Value of Neuropsychological Testing: ADHD as an Example."

Adjunct faculty member Howard J. Friedman, Ph.D., ABPP, recently published a guest column in the September/October issue of California Psychologist. The column entitled "The Value of Neuropsychological Testing: ADHD as an Example" explores the key elements intrinsic to assessing adolescents and adults in order to obtain accuracy and distinguish ADHD from other conditions.

He states, "I see our role as neuropsychologists as critical not just in establishing a diagnosis, but more importantly, in establishing whether co-morbid conditions may be present and determining specific treatment needs. We are objectively measuring clients' strengths and limitations beyond the yes or no of whether a condition is present."

In addition to teaching at the Wright Institute, Dr. Friedman is a neuropsychologist in private practice in Walnut Creek performing clinical and forensic evaluations.