The Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley presents: Self-Compassion & the Cultivation of Happiness with Dr. Kristin Neff

November 7, 2014

UC Berkeley Campus

6 CE hours available for health professionals


This day-long seminar led by self-compassion pioneer Kristin Neff, will offer strategies for cultivating self-compassion, boosting happiness, and reducing stress in yourself and others.

Drawing on a decade of her trailblazing research, Dr. Neff will provide simple tools for giving ourselves the support we need whenever we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate. She will provide an introductory overview of self-compassion, weaving together lecture, scientific research, video presentations, small group exercises, and discussion.

Her seminar will offer valuable resources for mental health professionals, but her emphasis on personal practice makes this seminar appropriate for the general public as well.