Margery Wang Discusses Long Distance Relationships on "Insights with Dick Goldberg" Radio Show

Margery Wang, Psy.D. candidate, was recently featured on the radio program, "Insights with Dick Goldberg: Interviews with Experts of Self Improvement, Business and Society." She discussed the challenges and advantages of long distance relationships. Margery completed her dissertation entitled "The iHuman Experience: Redefining What it Means to Be Connected at a Distance."

Margery stated that the trend in long distance relationships is growing rapidly; as of April, the total number of couples in long distance relationships is 14 million. She explained that the increase is partly due to many couples who graduate from high school and don't want to end their relationship. They use technology to stay connected via text, Skype, and messaging. She pointed out that online dating also facilitates access to more long distance relationships. Margery said couples assume that "eventually one of us can move closer together."

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In addition, Margery posted an article based on her dissertation, as a guest on faculty member Dr. Mary Lamia's blog. The post enlightens readers about the circumstances in which absence makes the heart grow fonder, and the way in which absence instead makes the heart wander. The post can be read at: