Motivational Interviewing in Educational Settings

Kristin Dempsey, EdDKristin Dempsey, EdD, is co-leading two presentations at the upcoming Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) 2018 International Forum. The Forum for MINT trainers will be held in New Orleans November 1 - November 3, and will be preceded by pre-Forum workshops on October 30 and 31 that interested individuals may attend for a fee.

Dr. Dempsey started to explore Motivational Interviewing (MI) in 2001 while working as a mental health clinician on a San Mateo County Behavioral Health and Recovery Service treatment team addressing both substance use and mental health conditions. She quickly became interested in MI as it was helping to engage and treat individuals with multiple and complicated behavioral health concerns. Such engagement was often thought of as rare and the clients were typically labeled as too "resistant" or "low functioning" to change. As she worked with the method, Dr. Dempsey discovered that individuals with complex lives were in fact engaged through strategic and motivating conversations about change, and she saw positive outcomes with clients who had otherwise seen limited benefits from treatment.

The first of Dr. Dempsey’s presentations at the upcoming MINT Forum is entitled "Growing Motivational Interviewing in Educational Settings: Sharing and Strategizing." Eight MINT trainers will share their experiences using or teaching MI in schools and colleges around the world. As one of these eight trainers, Dr. Dempsey explains that she will discuss “teaching Motivational Interviewing components to high school peer mentors as part of the behavioral health career pipeline project funded by the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development.”

Dr. Dempsey will also co-present a workshop alongside colleague Debra Collins, MFT. This workshop will address “an effective, person-driven inquiry and advising/teaching intervention to engage individuals in exploring change options,” Dr. Dempsey explains. “This skill set is helpful for practitioners who find themselves challenged with clients who appear resistant in order to get in sync with the person's needs, priorities, and current knowledge/skills to drive change.”

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