Clinical Program Faculty

Temre Uzuncan, PsyD
Clinical Services Faculty

BA Psychology California State University Long Beach, California, 1994
MA Psychology The Wright Institute, Berkeley, California, 2000
PsyD The Wright Institute, Berkeley, California, 2003

Dr. Uzuncan is Director and Chief Psychologist of the Wright Institute’s Integrated Health Psychology Training Program (IHPTP), a multi-level training and service organization that includes an APA-accredited Internship, Postdoctoral Fellowship and Practicum Placement specifically for Wright Institute students.

Over the past decade, Dr Uzuncan has built a partnership with Contra Costa Health Services (CCHS) that allows clinical training opportunities to a future workforce of psychologists in primary care and other medical settings. In her role, Dr. Uzuncan oversees IHPTP’s day-to-day operations, program development and quality assurance activities and works directly with her team of 15 psychologists to ensure that IHPTP is a high-quality, comprehensive training and service delivery program addressing the behavioral health needs of a socio-culturally diverse and medically complex patient population (over 3000 patients served annually) in five health centers.

Since 2010, Dr. Uzuncan and her team have been working non-stop to build high-quality, integrated, and accessible specialty services within primary care including brief evidence-based psychotherapy; support groups (15), Neuropsychological and Adult ADHD Assessments, High-Risk Chronic Pain Management Clinics; HIV positive clinics and Gender Health clinics.

Dr Uzuncan serves as a member of the Contra Costa Health Services’ Behavioral Health Integration Leadership Committee that is responsible for developing and standardizing mental health screening, evidence-based treatment guidelines and service delivery throughout the Contra Costa Health System.