Health Psychology Focus Area

Faculty Point Person: Biing-Jiun Shen, PhD

The Health Psychology focus area provides students with the opportunity to cultivate competencies essential for working in healthcare settings, such as primary care, medical centers, hospitals, and rehabilitation programs. Embracing a biopsychosocial approach, this focus area provides students with foundational knowledge and clinical training in evidence-based practice in the areas of health psychology and behavioral medicine. Students will attain an understanding of the intricate interplay among physical, psychological, behavioral, social, environmental, community, and cultural factors, and they will gain insights into the pivotal roles that these factors play in shaping well-being, influencing disease onset and exacerbation, and guiding effective health management. Students will also be introduced to the core professional values and attitudes integral to clinical health psychology, with an emphasis on multidisciplinary teamwork and collaboration that are essential in this field of practice.

Health Psychology Focus Area Examples of Courses and Practicums

Name of Course Commitment Typically Offered
Health Psychology (required)* Winter, 2 hours Tuesday evenings
Psychopharmacology Trimester, 2 hours Varies
Chemical Dependency Varies, 2 hours Varies
Motivational Interviewing Spring, 2 hours Thursday evenings
Neuropsychological Assessment Year-long, 3 hours Thursday evenings
CBT Clinic Course: Evidence Based CBT Therapy Course Year-long, 2 hours Monday evenings
Human Sexuality Winter or Spring, 2 hours Fridays (morning or afternoon)
Child Assessment Year-long, 3 hours Varies
Child Intervention CBT Winter, 3 hours Friday Mornings

* Please note that the Health Psychology course is required for this focus area.

Selected examples of eligible practicum:

Integrated Health Psychology Training (IHPTP)
El Camino Hospital
Fremont Hospital
Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center
Kaiser, Oakland, Richmond, San Francisco, Santa Rosa, South Bay, Vallejo
Through the Looking Glass
UCSF, Benioff Children’s Hospital, Oakland
VA San Francisco