The Wright Institute Clinic

The Wright Institute Clinic

For almost 50 years, The Wright Institute Clinic has provided high quality, affordable, interpersonally focused psychodynamically informed psychotherapy services to the City of Berkeley and the Greater Bay Area community. We have a rich and longstanding tradition of providing psychotherapy that aims to create an environment where you feel safe enough to explore your thoughts, feelings, and experiences as they come up within the struggles and difficulties in your life.

Therapy with the same clinician may last up to one year depending on when you begin. Sometimes people choose to continue with another therapist in subsequent years. Our therapists start their training in the Fall of each year so you may have a year with one therapist, or a briefer, more focused treatment if you begin therapy in the Winter or Spring.

In addition to our outpatient clinical services, we partner with the community to provide services to seniors, adolescents, and foster care youth through collaborations with the North Berkeley Senior Center, Youth Radio, and the Alameda chapter of A Home Within.

What to Expect From Our Therapeutic Style

All of our student therapists are well-trained and supervised by licensed mental health practitioners, many of whom have been practicing in the Bay Area for over 30 years. While each individual therapist brings their own style to the therapy, they are trained first and foremost to have a deep respect for individual and cultural differences. We help our therapists develop an open-minded, warm, and nonjudgmental approach to therapy. The general style is conversational and interactive where you receive help in sorting through some of the difficulties that brought you to therapy. Our therapists are trained to recognize that one of the most important ingredients to a helpful therapy is one that focuses on the quality of the professional relationship between therapist and client. We believe in responsiveness and flexibility in helping each person achieve their unique goals for therapy.

Areas of Specialization

The Wright Institute Clinic specializes in serving adults, older adults, couples, and older adolescents who are seeking psychotherapy to assist with emotional and interpersonal issues of all kinds. In seeking treatment at the Wright Institute Clinic, you have the right to considerate, safe and respectful care, without discrimination as to race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, ability, national origin, or source of payment.

While we serve people experiencing a broad range of social and emotional difficulties, the Wright Institute Clinic specializes in:

  • Relationship and interpersonal difficulties
  • Work and school related situational stressors
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Immigration and cultural adjustments
  • Traumatic life experiences
  • Self-exploration
  • Transitions of all sorts: going to college, marriage, divorce, career changes
  • Issues related to sexuality and gender expression

How You Might Benefit From Therapy

People seek therapy for a variety of unique reasons and choosing the right place for therapy is an important step in the healing process. Our overall aim is to help you feel better, feel more satisfied and in control of your life, experience a greater sense of intimacy in your relationships, and feel a better sense of freedom in general. Other ways you might benefit:

  • Feel relief from painful emotions or other painful symptoms
  • Feel understood
  • Have a greater sense of understanding yourself
  • Feel more engaged in life
  • Feel a greater sense of confidence
  • Feel more in control of stopping self-destructive behaviors
  • Have a greater awareness of self-destructive patterns
  • Feel more productive and creative at work
  • Feel a sense of closure related to grief or trauma

Contact Us

The Wright Institute Clinic offers services on a sliding scale. Fees are based on income and family size. For more information for how to begin, please call: (510) 548-9716 or click here to fill out an intake form. Someone will contact you about scheduling an intake.

Sessions are available Monday through Thursday 9 am to 9 pm, Friday 9 am to 5 pm, with some Saturday availability for clients who cannot attend during the week.