Psy.D. Program Support Services


The Case Conference Leader is a student's advisor in the first two years of the program. The Case Conferences have 7 – 9 students in each group. Case Conference Leaders also meet individually with students throughout each year to more closely support their progress in the program. The student's Professional Development Seminar Leader takes over as advisor in the third year, and serves as advisor until students begin working with their Dissertation Chair, who becomes the advisor until graduation.

New Student Liaison Program

This program was developed to make the transition into graduate school a little easier. After applicants are accepted into the program, an entering student is connected to a currently enrolled student to provide a resource for discussing concerns or questions regarding the nuts and bolts of starting graduate school. By sharing their experiences, the New Student Liaisons are able to help entering students with the nuances of surviving and thriving at the Wright Institute. The student contacts are not meant to replace the services of our administration and staff. Questions regarding financial aid, field placement, or the GRE, should still be directed to the appropriate Wright Institute staff person.

The Field Placement Office

The Field Placement Office (FPO) helps students find placements that integrate the learning process with practical, hands-on experience. Placement sites used by the program are distinguished from on-the-job experience or volunteer positions by virtue of the site's commitment to training, supervision, and provision of professional psychology services. The FPO, through its collaboration with BAPIC, APPIC, and CAPIC maintains up-to-date listings and information about field training programs, and is responsible for maintaining each student's field placement record including training contracts, supervisor evaluations of the student's work, advisement records, and other information relevant to the field training process.

The faculty and staff who work in the FPO are familiar with many of the placements and help students select appropriate sites suited to their training needs. They aid students in the practica and internship application process by providing support services such as reviewing and editing curriculum vitae, cover letters, and other application materials and by prompting a timely completion of the steps in securing placements. The FPO maintains examples of sample curriculum vitae, essays, cover letters, and follow-up letters. The FPO also provides opportunities to practice interviewing, and conducts a number of workshops and meetings throughout the year.

The Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program provides guidance to Clinical students to help them thrive in graduate school. The program is staffed by our Director of Field Placement, Dr. Becky Pizer, three postdoctoral fellows, and student assistants who provide professional development, clinical consultation, and academic support.

The Mentoring Program is part of our continuing effort to create an atmosphere that values and promotes diversity at the Wright Institute. Thus, mentors also help to support students facing social or systemic biases that are related to, but not limited to, race, gender identity, ethnicity, age, ability status, sexual identity, religious affiliation, body size, mental health status, parental status, and class background.

Our goal is to support students and enable them to collaborate with others when facing these issues within or outside the Wright Institute community. Mentors also provide support and collaborate with student groups at the Wright Institute on an as-needed basis. Students and groups can access mentors for brief or long-term informal, non-evaluative assistance.