Clinical Program Faculty

Seung Hee (Sydnie) Yoo, PhD
Full-Time Institute Faculty

BA Psychology, Yonsei University (Seoul, Korea), 1999
MA Social Psychology, San Francisco State University, 2003
PhD Social Psychology, Yale University, 2009

Dr. Yoo’s research examines how various emotional intelligence abilities and self-compassion are related to interpersonal relationships and psychological well-being. In addition, her cross-cultural work has focused on understanding the similarities and differences between cultures on various aspects of emotions. She has collaborated with researchers from South Korea and China and was one of the lead researchers in a multinational study on cultural display rules with 60 cross-cultural psychologists from 30 countries. More recently, she has been part of a research team in China that has focused on understanding and improving social, emotional, and cognitive skills of Chinese children and adolescents.