The Wright Institute Recovery Clinic (WIRC)

The Wright Institute Recovery Clinic (WIRC)

This practicum is designed for first year doctoral students in clinical psychology furthering the overall mission of The Wright Institute to prepare psychologists to function effectively in a diverse society and to understand the social and cultural context of their work.

The practicum training at WIRC has the main objective of providing students with an opportunity to develop knowledge and skills to work with a diverse population comprised largely of homeless criminal offenders and the underserved MediCal and uninsured local population. Students will be exposed to a complex multicultural context in which they will experience and learn the intricate relationship between drug addiction, crime and poverty.

During a two-semester period students will provide intake assessment and individual psychotherapy to individuals challenged by drug addiction and trauma, as well as comorbid mental disorders. By the end of the first semester students will be able to formulate cases and apply those formulations in developing a treatment plan based on clinical assessments. Through the practicum year students will deepen their knowledge of psychopathology and acquire basic notions of psychopharmacology which will guide them through the process of diagnosis, treatment planning and note writing, including instructions on using MediCal billing forms.

Practicum students will provide the following services:

  • Intake assessment
  • Individual therapy for dual diagnosis clients with substance abuse and diverse mental health concerns
  • Participant observation of agency's activities (12-step groups, small group counseling, seminars)

Practicum students will participate in the following training activities:

  • Seminar training with the agency's staff (1-2 hours per week): students will acquire knowledge of 12-step model in treatment of drug addiction as well as discuss with supervisor specific clinical cases they will have observed while participating in Options' activities
  • Individual supervision (1 hour per week)
  • Group supervision (3 hours per week). Divided in two periods: 90 min. of lecture by supervisors or invited guests on themes such as socio-cultural and gender issues in addiction, the use of psychiatric drugs with drug addicts, comorbid personality disorders, suicide, brief therapy approaches and techniques, family systems: the family of addicts, etc.. 90 min. of clinical encounters which will include brief case presentations and discussions.


The Wright Recovery Clinic provides an extremely affordable sliding-scale fee in order to provide services to as many people in the community as possible. The Clinic also bills MediCal for individuals who are covered.

Work with motivated, empathic, attentive clinicians

Unlike other community mental health centers with few resources and clinicians forced to see too many clients, our training clinicians have smaller caseloads and extensive support to provide the appropriate care and attention clients need.

Treatment for other issues

  • Depression/anxiety
  • Trauma/Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Work/school conflicts
  • Life transitions/recent loss

Clinic Staff

Dr. Mary Roche
Associate Director


(510) 841-1262

1950 Addison Street
Suite 109
Berkeley, CA 94704