Clinical Program Faculty

Allyson Troxel-Galang, PsyD
Adjunct Faculty

BA Interdisciplinary Studies Field Major: Consciousness and Human Health,
University of California, Berkeley, 2013
PsyD Clinical Psychology, The Wright Institute, 2019

Dr. Troxel-Galang is a Wright Institute graduate whose clinical focus has been CBT, ACT, DBT, PE, EMDR, and EET and mindfulness-based therapies in outpatient community mental health settings throughout her graduate training. She has also been trained in RO-DBT to work with clients who struggle with emotional over-control. Dr. Troxel-Galang completed her predoctoral internship with ANKA Behavioral Health and then did two years of postdoctoral training as a clinical supervisor at the Wright Institute CBT clinic while also interning at the San Francisco DBT Center. She continues to maintain a private practice seeing clients both individually and for DBT groups at the San Francisco DBT Center.

Dr. Troxel-Galang also has a passion for working with adults who have suffered from trauma. She is intensively trained in DBT-PE and currently works at the Bay Area Trauma Recovery Clinic supervising advanced graduate students offering low-fee evidenced-based treatment to clients with multiple symptoms of trauma.