Clinical Program Faculty

Philip Keddy, PhD
Adjunct Faculty

BA, English, Psychology & Philosophy, Trinity College, University of Toronto, 1976
Undergraduate Psychology, York University, Toronto, 1976 - 1977
MA, Clinical Psychology, California School of Professional Psychology, S.F. Bay Area, 1979.
PhD Clinical Psychology, CSPP, S.F. Bay Area, 1983

Dr. Keddy has practiced both psychotherapy and personality assessment with adults and older teens since earning his doctorate. His first position after graduating was in a residential treatment center for Catholic priests, brothers and sisters. He coordinated the assessment program there in addition to seeing individual clients and leading groups. That experience led to an enduring interest in working with clergy and in the relationship between psychology and spirituality/religion. He went on to work half-time in an adult outpatient program for people with alcohol or drug use problems. Dr. Keddy did this work in the Kaiser system and for 11 years, before going into full-time independent practice.

Dr. Keddy's general approach to psychotherapy was first heavily influenced by existential and psychodynamic thought. He has become increasingly Jungian-oriented and emphasizes dream interpretation. In his work with people who have addiction problems, Dr. Keddy was influenced by motivational interviewing and fortunate to receive training from William R. Miller and his associates. He also teaches on working with people who have addictive problems in the Master's Psychology program at Golden Gate University in San Francisco.

Dr. Keddy's assessment work has involved several different areas. He screens candidates for the priesthood, diaconate, or religious orders. He also screens candidates for peace officer positions (Highway Patrol and others) for the state of California. His work in the field of addictions led to alcohol or drug use assessments for licensing board complaints and in child custody cases. Dr. Keddy has a special interest in collaborative/therapeutic assessment, combining his interests in assessment and psychotherapy. He often assesses his own new psychotherapy clients as well as doing assessments for other therapists or stand-alone assessments. Dr. Keddy is particularly interested in personality testing with the Rorschach inkblot test and other tests such as the MMPI-2 in a multimethod approach.

Dr. Keddy has been researching the concepts of introversion/extraversion in the work of Carl Jung and Hermann Rorschach. He has presented on this topic at national and international conferences and hopes to publish on it as well.